The Lithuanian Court of Arbitration fulfills an organisation and serving function of mediation. Such services are provided for the parties, who agree to try to resolve their dispute through the mediation, according the Mediation rules of the Lithuanian Court of Arbitration. In such cases, this permanent institution of arbitration assists the parties to choose the most suitable mediator and, in cases when the parties are unable to reach an agreement, appoints a mediator. Notably, the mediation procedure can be used as pre-arbitrational, because parties have an opportunity, before the arbitration procedure, to try resolving their dispute peacefully by mediation (only applies to disputes, which are allowed to resolve by arbitration by the Law on Commercial Arbitration of the Republic of Lithuania).


No. Name, Surname Activity Specialization Working languages
1 Kaminskienė, Natalija, dr. Advokatė, docentė Civiliniai ginčai English, lithuanian, russian
2 Gintautas, Dalius Teisininkas, teismo mediatorius Civiliniai ginčai Lithuanian, russian, polish
3 Jonikas, Gintautas Teisininkas, finansininkas Civiliniai ginčai Lithuanian, russian
4 Langys, Egidijus Advokatas, teismo mediatorius Civiliniai ginčai English, lithuanian
5 Sviderskis, Vaidotas Attorney at law Civiliniai ginčai Lithuanian, russian
6 Birštonas, Ramūnas, dr. Attorney at law, professor Civiliniai ginčai English, lithuanian, russian