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About the Court

The Lithuanian Court of Arbitration is a rapidly developing arbitration institution, serving and organizing settlement of disputes by arbitration. For our clients (disputing parties), we offer a professional, confidential, quick, and cost-effective dispute resolution procedure.

Our clients, business units of all sizes, appreciate the suggested alternative for litigation and use arbitration process even in low-value disputes, because they are sure that the procedure will not be loss-making and the decision will be reasonable and objective.

Our arbitrators are authoritative, professional lawyers and other specialists, researchers and practitioners who treat arbitrator services as big responsibility, and granted honour.


Lithuanian Court of Arbitration Court recommends more than one hundred professional dispute resolution specialists who are ready to be impartial arbitrators in disputes in various areas.

Calculator of arbitration costs

When a dispute to be investigated by written proceedings:
Final arbitration fee including VAT
When a dispute is investigated by 1 arbitrator:
Total for payment:
0.00 Eur
When a dispute is investigated by 3 arbitrators:
Total for payment:
0.00 Eur
The amount consists of registration and administration fees and VAT when the case is investigated by written proceedings. The sum of arbitration fees in cases of simplified procedure is 375 EUR + 21% VAT regardless of the amount of the claim.

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